Sell With Us

Do you have designer items that you no longer use?

Our consignment service is the perfect way to clear out your wardrobe and make some extra cash. Simply email us at and we'll immediately send you a proposal with an estimated sale price. Once you've checked and accepted our offer, all you need to do is send the item to us. From there, we take care of everything, including cleaning, taking photos, posting your items on our platforms, handling the sale and shipping to the buyer. You'll receive your agreed payment within 15 working days after the final sale.  Our consignment period is for a period of three months from the date on which the item is published on our platforms.

Please feel free to contact us and provide the following details:

- Your full name

- Brand and model of the item you want to sell

- Signs of use - Stains, discoloration, rubbed corners, etc.

- Mention if you have the original invoice, packaging, or any other original documents. 

- A description of the condition of your item:

  • Pristine - No signs of use
  • Very Good - Minor signs of use
  • Good - Moderate signs of use
  • Fair - Major signs of use


Note: We only accept original items. If you send us an item that is not authentic, we will charge a 50 euro fee.




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